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The Dinosaur Beds of the Grand River Valley of Colorado

By Elmer S. Briggs

Mosquitoes Attracted by Sounds

The Muskrat—Principal Fur Producer in America

Sound Experiments in a Balloon

The Principal Vegetable Products of the Hawaiian Islands

The Incandescent Electric Lamp–How Manufactured and Tested

By William A. Del Mar

Industrial Triumphs of Electrochemistry

By Samuel Sheldon

London's Latest Census

New Railroads in Switzerland

Forerunners of Modern Inventions

Science in the Theater

Loss of Life in the United States by Lightning

Charlier Oil-Fuel Brass-Furnaces

Ten-Ton Hydraulic Graving-Dock Crane

St. Mark's and St. Antonio's

Borax and its Manufacture

Lac and the Art of Lacquering

Weights and Measures used in the Philippines

A Steam Automobile of Novel Design

Machine for Testing Bicycle Hubs

Artificial Silk

Chabiwnnet Process of Making it

Food as Building Material and Fuel

By W. O. Atwater

Protection against Burglars

Portable Folding Stairs

Selected Formulæ

Trade Suggestions from United States Consuls


Trade Notes and Recipes


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    May 24, 1902