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Fresh-Water Pearl-Button Industry

Italian Bell-Towers

Progress of United States in Material Industries

Why Automobiles are Unpopular in Morocco

Toads in Folklore

The World's Debt Increases

Return Steam Trap

A Simple. form of Fuel Calorimeter

By Charles R. Darling

Samsons of the Keyboard

Cotton Mills of the South

A Novel Sparking Plug

The Inherent Nature of Coherers

By Edward P. Thompson

The Electric Anemoscope

Contemporary Electrical Science

New Compound of Vanadium by Electric Furnaces

Calcium Carbide from Non-Electric Furnaces

Abrasive Metals

New Method of Manipulating Liquefied Gases in Sealed Tubes

By Henri Moissan

The Belgian-Ougree Blast Furnaces and Steel Works and Modern Electrically-Operated Plant

By Frank C. Perkins

Some uses of Electrical Pumping Machinery

Foucault's Pendulum at the Pantheon

Progress of the Year in Astronomy

El Gran Chaco

The Roland Pillars

A Review of the Existing Methods of Cultivating Anaerobic Bacteria

Beplacement of Air by Inert Gases

By Otto F. Hunziker

Treasures of Savages

Trade Notes and Recipes

Advertisements in Nature.—How the Colors of Flowers Attract Insects and Birds

Trade Suggestions from United States Consuls


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    September 27, 1902

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