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The Langley Aerodrome

Amber, the Gold of the North

Improvements in the Methods of Quarrying Slate

The Preservation of Fruit Juices

The Washington Incandescent Petroleum Gas Light

The Peanut

The Conversion of Amorphous Carbon to Graphite

By Francis J. FitzGerald

Chinese Vegetable Wax

Electrolytic Refining of Copper

Where do the Pins Go?

Electrically-Driven Pumps

Copper-Plating Metals by the Dessolle Process

Electrical Conductivity of Certain Aluminium Alloys as Affected by Exposure to London Atmosphere

Long Spans for Overhead Electric Cables

The Utilization of Wastes and By-Products in Manufactures

With Special Reference to the Decade of 1890-1900

By Henry G. Kittredge

The Study of the Upper Atmosphere

London Air and London Fog

Mineral Production of the United States in 1901

The “Fiend-Fly.”

The Candied Fruit Trade of Provence

Python Swallowing a Suckling Pig

Prehistoric Civilizations of America

By Eduard Seler

Recent Discoveries of the Missione Italiana in Crete

When Coal was Currency

By F. E. Saward

Gold Mining in Egypt

Photophonic Books for the Blind

By V. De Turine

Why Coal is Washed

The Work of George Graham—An Unknown Astronomical Clockmaker

Selected Formulæ

Trade Suggestions from United States Consuls


Trade Notes and Recipes


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