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The New Augmented Water Supply and Reservoirs for London

By the London Correspondent, Scientific American

Salable American Products for Germany

A Mediæval Treatise on Surveying

The Pacific Cable

The Aurora, Elgin and Chicago Railway

Wonderful Old Men

Japanese Police and the Rats

Grates for fine Fuel

The Conversion of Amorphous Carbon to Graphite

By Francis J. FitzGerald

A Newly Discovered Property of Aluminum

A Starch Gloss

Direct Reduction of Oxides of Nitrogen by the Contact Process

Becquerel Rays and Radio-Active Substances—New Researches

Becquerel Rays and Radio-Activity

The Life-History of Anopheles Maculipennis. (Meigen.)


By Louis W. Sambon

Weather Superstitions

By Edwin G. Dexter

Aluminium and its Alloys

Congress for Protection against Hail in Lyons

Purification of Feed-Water for Locomotives

Brazilian Diamonds and Carbons

How to make a Water Motor

By R. E. Davall

Drawing a Parabola

A New Glass of Low Solubility

By G. E. Barton

Cobalt Weather Barometer

Old-Time Remedies for Snake Bite

The Cay-Cay, or Indo-Chinese Wax Tree

Improving on Nature

Selected Formulæ

Trade Suggestions from United States Consuls

Trade Notes and Recipes



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