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Electrically - Operated Charging Machines, Hoists, Hauling, and Conveying Apparatus in Iron and Steel Works

By Frank C. Perkins

Cork Production of the World

History of the Piano and Organ

The Charron, Girardot, and Voigt Gasoline Automobile

The Harvesting Machine Industry

By R. L. Ardrey

Pumping Plant for Condensing Water

Tyndall and Evolution

New Vessels of the French Navy

Line-Of-Battle Ship “Republique”; Armored Cruiser “Jeanne D'arc,” and a “Contretorpilleur.”

Statistics of the South African British and American Trade

The Nature of the Coherer

A New Construction of Incandescent Mantles

The Deterioration of Storage Battery Plates

Electric Waves and the Human Brain

Photo-Electric Experiments

By A. Frederick Collins

The Safety Match Problem

The Paradox of the Pantheon

The Manhattan-Brooklyn Branch of the Rapid Transit Subway


The Animal Worship of Ancient Times

Trade Notes and Recipes

The Naval War-Game

Full Report of a “War” between the United States and Germany, now Being Played by the Portsmouth (England) Naval War-Game Society


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