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Some New Arrivals at the London Zoo

Some Peculiar Animal Products

By R. Lydekker

Sponges—Where they Live, how Obtained and their Uses

By Albert Hart

Origin of the Fins of Fishes

American Photographic Exhibit at Turin

Charlemagne's Burial-Place

Small-Scale Apparatus for Foucault's Pendulum Experiment

The Cock of the Cathedral of Strasburg

The use of Camels in Africa

An Experiment to Determine the Mechanical Equivalent of Heat

The Airship System of M. Frederick L'Hoste

By T. Byard Collins

Some Electrical Switches

A Final Decision in the Berliner Patent Case

Ambulance Work in Country Districts of Germany

Perfume Plants of India

The Fire Walk Ceremony in Tahiti

By S. P. Langley

Primitive Man and his Stone Implements in the North American Loess

By Warren Upham

Effect of Marconi's Work on Cable Quotations

A Brief History of Ocean Steamships

By Lawrence Irwell

The Naval War Game “War” between the United States and Germany.—VIII

By Fred. T. Jane

Trade Suggestions from United States Consuls

Loewy's Summary of Lunar Conditions


Trade Notes and Recipes


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