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The Industry of Compressed and Liquefied Gases

The Collision on Long Island Sound

By C. H. Thompson

Some Improvements in Soap Making

The Naval War-Game War.-XIV

By Fred T. Jane

A Water Supply for Jerusalem

Fulton's Submarine

Lantern Slides

By J. P. Zenner

Color Photography

By William J. Herschel

Air-Borne Smallpox

Contemporary Electrical Science

Remarkable Pictures of an Electric Illumination

By Arthur Inkersley

The Osmium Electric Lamp

The Electrolytic Recovery of Tin from Scrap and Cuttings

Steam Trucks for Heavy Hauling

Monorail Lines

Radio-Activity of Ordinary Materials

Steam-Turbines to Date

By R. H. Thurston

Science and the Common Weal

Some Curious Cures

Traps of the American Indians—A Study in Psychology and Invention

Meaning of the Term American

By Otis T. Mason

A Test with Carrier Pigeons for War Purposes

Increasing the Power of Gasoline Motors by the Injection of Water into the Cylinders

Tests of the Banki Motors

Tea and Coffee in India

Trade Notes and Recipes

Trade Suggestions from United States Consuls


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