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The Paris-Madrid Automobile Race

The British Fire Prevention Committee and its Work

By the English Correspondent of the Scientific American

Density of Gasoline Required to obtain Greatest Horse Power and most Efficient Working of Gasoline Motors

Devices Suggested by the Jarring of Automobiles

An Automobile Pullman Car for Time-Table Distribution

Sugar Trust Capitalization

What H. O. Havemeyer Says of it

Luminous Buoys

Experiments of M. Moissan

Flexibility of Coats of Varnish and Pigments

Separation of the Higher Acids of Peanut Oil

A consideration of Phosphorescent and Fluorescent Substances

By William J. Hammer

Jupiter and his Great Red Spot


Manufacture of Cement from Marl and Clay

By Henry S. Spackman

On Electrons

By Oliver Lodge

Contemporary Electrical Science

A Home-Made Storage Battery Cell

By Walter G. Jones

Electrolytic Manufacture of Caustic Soda and Hypochlorites

Thomson-Houston Electric Drill

Trade Notes and Recipes


Trade Suggestions from United States Consuls


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