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The New Harbor Works at Dover

By Harold J. Shepstone


Westinghouse Steam Turbine and Electrical Power Machinery for Philadelphia Subway

A New Capillary Electrometer

By George J. Burch

On Electrons

By Oliver Lodge

An Automatic Telephone

Intensification and Reduction

On the Performance of the Pneumatic Retarding Device of Photographic Shutters

By Edward W. Morley and Dayton C. Miller

The Garuti Process of Generating Oxygen and Hydrogen

By Emile Guarini

Experiments on Chemical Affinity at Low Temperatures as Determined by the Reaction of Liquid Fluorine

By Henri Moissan and James Dewar

On the Properties of the Field Surrounding a Crookes Tube

By Arthuk W. Goodspeed

Centennial Celebration of the Birthday of Justus Von Liebig

By Durand Woodman

The Death of Dr. J. V. Laborde

The Canals of Mars

By Edmund Ledger

Russian Banking Methods in China

Trade Notes and Recipes

The Rapid Analysis of Water

The Great Manufacturing States

Trade Suggestions from United States Consuls


Selected Formulæ

The Scientific American Supplement. Index for Vol. 55


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    June 27, 1903

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