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Metallic Calcium from Lime

The Power Plant for the Metropolitan Street Railway of Paris

By Emile Guarini

Contemporary Electrical Science

A Speedometer for Automobiles

New Folding Opera Glasses

How Peas are Canned

An Unrecorded Property of Clay

Coloring of Metals

Process by Oxidation

The New Automatic Hattersley Loom

The English Correspondent of the Scientific American

The Schroeder Contact Process of Sulphuric Acid Manufacture

History and commercial development

By Franz Meyer

Preservation of Wood

The Magnetic Observatories of the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey in Operation on July 1, 1902

By L. A. Bauer and J. A. Fleming

Vegetable Physiology

By J. Reynolds Green

“Living Cycle Whirl”

Impurities and Purification of Acetylene

Excavations at Abydos

The Size of Atoms

The Diplodocus Carneggii

Railway Receiverships

Electrical Notes

Engineering Notes

Trade Suggestions from United States Consuls


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    August 08, 1903

    Confronting Common Wisdom