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Manufactured Marble

The Manufacture and Utilization of Mond Producer Gas for Industrial Purposes

The Schroeder Contact Process of Sulphuric Acid Manufacture

II. Manufacturing

By George C. Stone

Home Manufacture and use of Unfermented Grape Juice


By George C. Husman

The Metric System in India

The “State of the Art” in Patent Cases

The Story of Trent Bridge

An All Stations Express Train

Vegetable Physiology

By J. Reynolds Green

The Volcano of Colima

By Charles Richards Dodge

Manufacture and Employment of Gas from Heavy Oil in Germany

The Preservation of Books in Hot Climates

By Frank Browne

Seeking the Magnetic Pole

The Roman Forum

The Production of Bronze Colors

By Emmell

A Combined Exhaust Valve and Igniter for Gasoline Motors

Electric Locomotives on French Railways

Electrical Notes

Engineering Notes

Trade Suggestions from United States Consuls

Selected Formulæ


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    Patents - August 15, 1903

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