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The First Transmission of Energy in Europe by means of Triphase Currents

By Emile Guarini

Advances in the Electro-Metallurgy of Iron

Use of the Incandescent Mantle in Lighthouses

Testing the Specula of Reflecting Telescopes

A Correction of a Well-Known Formula

By James Alexander Smith

A Silent Metronome

Sewage Purification Plants for Summer Cottages

By John W. Alvord

Engineering Subjects at the British Association: A Retrospect

The Jenatzy Electrical Transmission

English Experiments in Coal-Dust Explosions

An English Edison Battery Test

The Cow as an Ivory Producer

Mekarski System of Compressed-Air Locomotives as used on Suburban Lines in Paris

By Our Paris Correspondent

Tropical Trees in California

By Charles F. Holder

The Mosquito Plant

Industrial Schools in Germany

Sugar Supply of the United States

By D. G. Purse

The Transportation of Live Fish

Producing Helium from Radium

Mongolia and the Mongolians

Engineering Notes

Trade Notes and Recipes

Electrical Notes

Trade Suggestions from United States Consuls

Selected Formulæ


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    Patents - October 17, 1903

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