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Ice Harvesting

By W. Frank McClure

The Effect of Lemon Juice in Lemonade upon Typhoid-Polluted Water

By William G. Bissell

Sea Water for Street Watering

Triceratops Prorsus—An Extinct Monster

The Baths of Pompeii

The Development of the Submarine in the Direction of Increased Scope

A Study of the Lake Submarine Torpedo Boat “Protector”

By John Halligan

In the Land of Opium

Plant Food from the Air

The Morphological Method and Progress

By G. B. Howes

Stability Tests for Nitrocellulose and Nitrocellulose Powders

By Albert P. Sy

Oldest Technical High School in the World

The Celebrated Thunder Mountain Region in Idaho

Electrical Notes

Trade Notes and Recipes

Engineering Notes

Trade Suggestions from United States Consuls

Selected Formulæ


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January 02, 1904

The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism