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The Manufacture of Emery Wheels

By Waldon Fawcett

Whale Oil

Refining sperm oil and whale oil

By Charles H. Stevenson

Collecting Rare Seeds and Plants for the Agricultural Department

By Guy E. Mitchell

The Ottumwa Box Car Loader

Steam Regeneration: Its History

By H. J. Barron

The Depthometer: A Device for Measuring the Depth of Liquids in Tanks, Etc.

Independent Condensing Plant

The Sanding-Up of Tidal Harbors

Lessons of the Baltimore Fire

By F. W. Fitzpatrick

The Wright Experiments in Flying

A Capture of Elephants at the Kraal of Ayouthia, Siam

Reptilian Types: Their Origin and Fate

Conditions in Manchuria

The Building of Harbin

Behavior of Selenium with Regard to Light and Temperature

Recent Studies of Radium and Radio-Activity

New Styles for Women Automobilists

Muscular Exertion as an Eliminant of Alcohol in the Blood

The Kern Burner

Engineering Notes

Science Notes

Electrical Notes

Trade Suggestions from United States Consuls

Trade Notes and Recipes



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