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The Elizabeth Bridge, Buda-Pest

Coal Cutting by Electricity

Contemporary Electrical Science

The Transmission of Electric Energy without Wires

By Nikola Tesla

Stereoscopic Projections

Curious Optical Illusions

Comparative Fighting Values of Modern Warships

By Otto Kretsoumek

The Protective Resemblance of Insects

By Percy Collins

The Practical Benefit of Hydrographic Records

The Life of a Forest

By Gifford Pinchot

Norwegian Cod Liver Oil

Aquatic Furs used by Hatters

By Charles H. Stevenson

The Compressed-Air Power Plant at the St. Louis Exposition

Electrical Methods of Measuring Temperature

A Huge Duplex Lathe

Production of Oxygen and Vitalized Air

Engineering Notes

General Results Achieved by the Geological Survey in Twenty-Five Years

Electrical Notes

Trade Suggestions from United States Consuls


Science Notes


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