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Superheated Steam for Locomotives in Germany

Mechanical Cooperage

By Day Allen Willey

The Irrigation Development of Egypt—A Huge Project

The English Correspondent of the Scientific American


By Cyril Davenport

Holden's Liquid-Fuel Apparatus on the Turbine Yacht “Tarantula”

Reflections Suggested by the New Theory of Matter

By A. J. Balfour

A Spiral Screw Cutting Arrangement for Lathes

By J. S. George

Stationary Waves with N-Rays and Some Remarkable Conclusions Relative to Nerve-Waves

The Nature of the α Rays Emitted by Radio-Active Substances

New York-State at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition

By the St. Louis Correspondent of the Scientific American

By St. Louis

Royal Sleeping Cars in 1842 and 1904

The St. Louis Correspondent of the Scientific American

By St. Louis

Model of 10,000-Horse-Power Alternating Current Generator at the St. Louis Fair


By Charles W. Super

Nitrogen-Gathering Bacteria

By John R. Cain

Luminous Deep-Sea Fish

Is There Snow on the Moon a Study of the Lunar Apennines

By E. Walter Maunder

A Strange Substance Found in an Egyptian Tomb

Scarlet Phosphorus: A New Chemically Active Variety of Red Phosphorus, and Its Use in the Manufacture of Matches

Part I.

By W. Muir

Electrical Notes

Engineering Notes

Trade Notes and Recipes


Science Notes


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