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The Government Building and Post Office Exhibit at the World's Fair, St. Louis

By the St. Louis Correspondent. of the Scientific American

By St. Louis

The Varnish-Dipping Process and Dipping Varnishes

An Automatic Lamp Lighting and Extinguishing Device

By Alfred Gradenwitz

Electrochemical Industries

By F. B. Crocker and M. Arendt

Locomotives using Superheated Steam in Germany

Substances Liable to Decomposition by Light

By F. A. Upsher Smith

The Wireless Telephone Station at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition

By the St. Louis Correspondent of the Scientific American

By St. Louis

A Short History of Coal Mining in the United States

Lifting a 7,500-Ton Building

A New System for the Protection of Trains by Engine-Cab Signals

By Emile Guarini

Mail-Carrying Motor Omnibuses in England

The Dead Sea of the New World

Steam Turbine Propulsion for Marine Purposes

By A. Rateau

The Ziegler Relief Expedition

Shell Heaps of the Lower Fraser River, British Columbia


By Harlan I. Smith

Electricity in Plant Life

Electrical Notes

Engineering Notes

Trade Notes and Recipes


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