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Enamel and its Present Application

To make Colored Pencils

The Manufacture of Veneers

Recent Chemical Research

By William Ramsay

The Chemistry of Milk


By J. P. Farley

The Diesel Engine

By A. W. Oppenheimer

The Aeroplane

The Relation of the Hypothesis of Compressible Atoms to Electrochemistry

By T. W. Richards

A 60,000-Volt Oil Switch at the Fair

Correspondent of the Scientific American

By St. Louis

The Application of Electro-Magnetism for Therapeutic Purposes

Electric Welding

By Emile Guarini

Scientific Agriculture

By William Somerville

Peculiarities of some Precious Stones

The New Zealanders

Various Methods used in Forecasting the Weather

The Launch of the Training Ship “Intrepid ”

A Swarm of Butterflies at Sea

Who goes First in England?

The Forms of Nebulæ

By Agnes Clerke

Electrical Notes

Engineering Notes

Trade Notes and Recipes

Selected Formulæ



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