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A Universal 300-Ton Testing Machine

By the English Correspondent of the Scientific American

Modern High-Speed Printing Telegraph Systems

By J. C. Barclay

The Testing of Lightning Rods

Siemens & Halske Printing Telegraph or Telecryptograph

By L. Ramakers

Developments in means of Communication by Sea during the Nineteenth Century

A Process for Copying Printed Pictures

Mirror Silvering, a Method of Securing a Thick and Dry Deposit

Germany at the St. Louis Exposition

Correspondent of the Scientific American

By St. Louis

The Jo-Kang in Lhasa

The Holy of Holies of Buddhism

The Relations of Technical Chemistry to the other Sciences.—II

By Charles E. Munroe

Utility of Automobiles for War Operations

Debris-Restraining Barriers of the Yuba River

By Wm. W. Harts

Controlling the Boll Weevil in Cotton Seed and at Ginneries

Drainage Investigations

Speeds of the World

Electrical Notes

Engineering Notes


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    November 19, 1904

    The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism