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Interesting Repair Work on the Steamship “Ekliptika.”

By Alfred Graden witz

Developments in means of Communication by Sea during the Nineteenth Century

Novel Salvage Boats

Electric Furnace for the Metallurgy of Copper

Portable Electric Searchlight Plant for the British War Office

By Emile Guarini

Contemporary Electrical Science

Electric Transmission Devices for Automobiles: The Jeantaud and the Electrogenia Systems

The Paris Correspondent of the Scientific American

The making of an Incandescent Mantle

By Day Allen Willey

Estanave's Liquid Hyperbolograph

The Belgian Correspondent of Scientific American

Model of Snagboat “General Wright” at the St. Louis Exposition

The St. Louis Correspondent of the Scientific American

By St. Louis

Manufacture of Compounds Imitating Ivory, Shell, Etc.

On Mountains and Mankind

By Douglas W. Freshfield

Disappearing Gun-Carriages

The Influence of the Moon on Weather


By J. S. V. Bickford

Excavations in Crete

Formation of Vegetable Earth or Humus

Trade Notes and Recipes

Electrical Notes

Engineering Notes

Selected Formulæ


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