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Ice-Breakers and their Services

By Arthur Gulston

Experimental Electrochemistry

By N. Monroe Hopkins

Breeding and Heredity

By William Bateson

A New Process of Testing Lubricating Oils

By Emile Guarini

A French Opinion on American Locomotives

By Daniel Bellet

Compressed air in Hoisting

The Action of Pumps

Experiments with Superheated Steam for Locomotives

Co-Operation among American Geographical Societies

By Israel C. Russell

On the Modern Reflecting Telescope, and the Making and Testing of Optical Mirrors

By G. W. Ritchey

What Grade of Creosote Oil is Best for Preservative Treatment?

Are the Stars Inhabited?

By Alexander W. Roberts

Influence of Boric Acid and Borax on Digestion and Health

Treating Telegraph Poles


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