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The Parting of the Ways—From Steam to Electricity

The Manufacture of Inlaid Linoleum

By the English Correspondent of Scientific American

Celluloid of Reduced Inflammability

Dyeing of Furs

A Simple Construction of a Model Steam Engine

Electricity at High Pressures

An Improved Spiral Piston Ring

The Construction of a Four-Inch Spark Induction Coil

By Thomas R. Hopper

Recent Advances in Wireless Telegraphy

Composition for Cleaning Painted or Varnished Surfaces

New Radiations “Photechy” and Dark Room Photography

By J. Blaas

Kryptol, a New Substance for Electric Heating

Changes upon the Moon's Surface

The Precious Stone Industry of the United States

By Elizabeth A. Reed

A New Book on Mont Pele

Idle Hours in Cæsar's City

By G. G. Chatterton

Miniature Cameras—Their Construction and Use

By Edward F. Chandler

Cocoons that Yield Colored Silk

Musk Oxen in Captivity

By Jul. Schi*amp*ouml;tt

Rain: Its Cause

The Chemistry of Patina

Trade Notes and Recipes

Engineering Notes

Electrical Notes

Science Notes


  • The Fur Supplies and Markets

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April 08, 1905

Confronting Common Wisdom