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The Hydraulic Power Works on the River Glommen, Norway

By the English Correspondent of Scientific American

The Man and the Ship

By George W. Dickie

The Law of Deodand

The Massie Wireless Telegraph System

By A. Frederick Collins

Decorative Insulating Beads for Uninsulated Electric Light Wires

Photographic Chemistry

The Cement Industry

By Frederick W. Huber

A New Form of Friction Clutch

By Emile Guarini

A Salt-Bath Furnace for Steel Hardening

By the English Correspondent of Scientific American

The Present Status of Electric Furnace Working

By Charles F. Burgess

African Pygmies

The Chemical Fertilization of Sea-Urchins' Eggs

By Jacques Loeb

Microphotograph of Fossil Coal

Radium Testing

By F. H. Glew

Oxy-Acetylene Lamp

By the Paris Correspondent of Scientific American

Copper as an Algicide and Disinfectant in Water Supplies

By Karl F. Kellerman

The Variability of Modern and Ancient Peoples

Contemporary Electrical Science

Trade Notes and Recipes

Engineering Notes



  • The Enemies of Ants

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May 20, 1905

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