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The Hydraulic Power Works on the River Glommen, Norway

By the English Correspondent of Scientific American

Reinforced Concrete

The Modern Gas Engine

The Velocity of Propagation of X-Rays

Lead Pencils we use every Day

Copper as an Algicide and Disinfectant in Water Supplies

By Karl F. Kellerman

A Little-Known Property of the Gyroscope

An Artist's Prophecy

Limits of Sensibility of Odors and Emanations

Desert Plants as a Source of Drinking Water

By Frederick V. Coville

Rotary Engines

The Venetian Silkworm Industry

Candles, Old and New

Barclay's Printing Telegraph

The Present Status of Electric Furnace Working

By Charles F. Burgess

Interrupters for Induction Coils

Electrical Notes

Engineering Notes



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    May 27, 1905

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