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The Parsons Steam Turbine on German Warships

By Alfred Gradenwitz

The use of Rare Earths in Electric Illuminants

By Murray C. Beebe

Stereoscopic Projections

The Passing of an Industry

Progress of Optical Science and Manufactures

Army Sanitation in Manchuria

Radiography in Armies in the Field

A Noteworthy Coal-Handling Plant

By J. A. McIntyre

Utilizing Unconsidered Trifles

The Reception and Utilization of Energy by a Green Leaf

Sir Oliver Lodge on “the Cause and Remedy for Unemployment”

Strange Mazes and Chasms in Mammoth Cave

By Horace C. Hovey

Daimler's Compound Motor

Recent Developments in the Application of Liquid Fuel to Marine Boilers

The English Correspondent of Scientific American

How a Big Hotel is Managed

Effect upon Health of Varying Amounts of Borax

Trade Notes and Recipes

Electrical Notes

Engineering Notes

Science Notes


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