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Extending the Santa Fe Railroad into San Francisco

By Herbert I. Bennett

Theatrical Engineering Past and Present

The Schlick Pallograph

By Alfred Gradenwitz


By William H. White

The “Dey” Time Register

By Emile Guarini

The Scientific Incongruities and Anachronisms of Artists

By T. C. Hepworth

The Temperature of Flames

The Emission of N-Rays by Odorous Substances and the Action of N-Rays on the Olfactory and other Senses

Automobile Lawn Mowers

Recent Progress in Photography

By Ludwig Guenther

A New Recording Voltmeter for Both Direct and Alternating Current

Auto-Starter for a 1,400-Horse-Power Induction Motor

The Evolution of the Telephone

By W. H. Sharp

How Food Imports are Inspected

The Winning Automobiles in the Sixth International Cup Race for the Bennett Trophy

Anchor Ice: What it Is

Contemporary Electrical Science

Science Notes

Electrical Notes

Engineering Notes

Trade Notes and Recipes


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