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The Opening of the Victoria Falls Bridge

By Harold Shepstone


By William H. White

Iron and Steel Hull Steam Vessels of the United States

By J. H. Morrison

Bronze Coloring

Induced Radioactivity Excited in Air at the Foot of Waterfalls

By J. C. McLennan

Magnetic Alloys

By V. Quittner

The Scott Gasoline-Motor-Propelled Agricultural Tractor

The English Correspondent of Scientific American

An Interesting 40-Ton Block-Setting Crane for Harbor Construction

The English Correspondent of Scientific American

Conceptions of Magnetism

The Law of Errors

Plant Fossils: Their Formation, Collection, and Preservation

Two Hermit Spiders

By C. E. Hutchinson

An Emergency Brake for Automobiles

Old Age

By Elie Metchnikoff

Trade Notes and Recipes

Engineering Notes


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    November 04, 1905