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The Extraction of Low-Grade Copper Ores

By Day Allen Willey

Use of Gas for Power and Heating.—II

By Ernest A. Dowson

Why Castings Curve

Simple Steam Turbine Engines.—L

By John Richards

The Work at Panama

By Theodore P. Shonts

The Domestic Life of Animals

By Th. Zell

The Sacred Lotus Tree

Theories of Ore Deposition Historically Considered

By S. F. Emmons


By Eduard Berdel

Thermometers, Pyrometers, and Thermo-Regulators Operated by the Pressure of Saturated Vapors

Thermometers and Pyrometers

To Darken Aluminium Sheets

Evolution and Inanimate Matter

By G. H. Darwin

A Soap Solution for Determining the Hardness of Water

Trade Notes and Formulæ

Science Notes

Electrical Notes

Engineering Notes


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