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The Development of the Torpedo-Boat Destroyer

By W. J. Harding

A Cavity Due to Strain in Heating

The Pressure of Explosives. Experiments on Solid and Gaseous Explosives

Part II.—Experimental Investigation of The Explosive Properties of Cordite.

By J. E. Petavel

A Simple Camera Shutter

By George M. Hopkins

Wealth of our Farms

Causes of Failure in the Concrete Block Business

By O. U. Miracle

The Beginning of a Mining Camp

The Forerunners of the Automobile

By F. M. Feldhaus

Metals used in Automobile Construction

Manganese-Bronze and its Manufacture

Researches on Metals of Platinum Group

By Henri Moissan

Electro-Technical Industries

A Steam Turbine of 10,000 Horse-Power Capacity

By Alfred Gradenwitz

Submarine Cables

Germany Extending Her Lines of Communication

The Ferranti New Three-Phase Remotecontrol Oil-Switch

By the English Correspondent of Scientific American

The Effect upon Fishes of Superaerated Water

Acoustics: Its History in Brief

The Development of the Conception of Capillarity

Contemporary Electrical Science

Electrical Notes

Science Notes

Engineering Notes

Trade Notes and Formulæ


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