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The Isthmus of Tehuantepec and its Inter-Ocean Railway

The Panama Canal and the Panama Railroad

By John F. Wallace

An Auger for Boring Square Holes

The Pressure of Explosives Experiments on Solid and Gaseous Explosives

By J. E. Petavel

Some Notes on Fuel Briquetting in America

By Clarence M. Barber

How Filled Capsules are Made

By F. F. Robin

A New Irrigation System

By M. Alger

Phonographs as Evidence

The Spectrum of Mercury

Some Recent Results of Studies on Heredity

By J. Percy Moore

Plover Netting in the Fens

The Perfecting of the Aeroplane Flying Machine

By Livingston Wright

The Wright Brothers' Flying Machine and what it has Accomplished

An Electric Micrometer for Measuring the Seventy-Millionth Part of an Inch

By the English Correspondent of Scientific American

The History of Diffraction

Curious Decomposition of Light

Tupelo and the Seasoning Problem

The Cervera Wireless Telegraph

Engineering Notes

Contemporary Electrical Science

Science Notes

Trade Notes and Formulæ


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