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Science Notes

Apparatus for the Sterilization of Water by means of Ozone

By Gg. Erlwein

History of the Standard Weights and Measures of the United States

By Louis A. Fischer

Early Maps

Reservoir, Fountain, and Stylographic Pens.—I

Ancient Writing Implements

By James P. Maginnis

A Rational Process for Obtaining Ammonia and Sal-Ammoniac by the Utilization of Residuary and Waste Products

Lightning Conductors on the Washington Monument

The Mixing of Concrete

By Ernest McCullough

The Modern Telephone Switchboard

By J. J. Carty

Valuable Alloys.—II

Birmingham Platinum

The Brake-Shoe Problem

Heat Recovery and Intermediate Superheating for Steam Turbines

The History of the Marine Turbine

From the “turbinia” of 1894 to the “cab mania” of 1905.

The Utilization of Power in automobiles

By C. N. Edge

Planting Forests on the National Reserves

Recent Advances in the Bacteriology of Putrefaction

By J. T. Wood

Society and Human Evolution

Trade Notes and formulæ


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