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The Rapid Growth of Birds

By B. S. Bowdish

Insect Engineering

The Discovery of the Source of the Zambesi River

Artificial Gems

Manufacture and use of Concrete Piles

By Henry Longcope

Reservoir, Fountain, and Stylographic Pens.—V

Fountain Pens

By James P. Maginnis

Valuable Alloys.—IV

Speculum Metal

The Domestic Life of Animals

By Th. Zell

The Relations between Climates and Crops

By Cleveland Abbe

A Speed and Mileage Recorder for Automobiles and Railroads

Tangent Galvanometer

Observations and Suggestions concerning Lightning Rods

Reminiscences of Seventy-One Years in the Cotton Spinning Industry

By Stephen A. Knight

The Early use of Iron

The use of Divers in Mining

Electrical Notes

Engineering Notes

Science Notes

Trade Notes and Formulæ


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