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Stereoscopic Methods of Surveying

The use of the Periscope in Submarine Torpedo Boats

Locomotive Superheaters—Practical Difficulties in the use of Superheated Steam

Why Brass Valves Leak

Safety Catch for Doors

Specific Heat of Superheated Steam

The Specific Heat of Iron at High Temperatures

The Journaux Tractocycle

The Intensity of Pressure of Wheels on the Road

The Governing of Gas Engines

Reservoir, Fountain, and Stylographic Pens—VI

By James P. Maginnis

Manufacture of Gun-Cotton

The Champagne industry

By Consul J. Martin Miller

Mechanical Features of some of the Winning Cars in the Automobile Club of America's Two-Gallon Fuel Contest

Marvels of Minute Writing

What is an Alloy?

By A. Humboldt Sexton

Electric Furnace for Research Work at High Temperatures

The Telephone System of the Future—The Semi-Automatic

By Le Roy W. Stanton

The Ohm, Volt, and Ampere

A Low-Resistance Thermo-Electric Pyrometer and Compensator

By William H. Bristol

Stereoscopic Examination of Bank Notes

Times and Places of Earthquakes

By H. H. Turner

Electrical Notes

Engineering Notes

Trade Notes and Formulæ


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    May 19, 1906

    Confronting Common Wisdom