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A New Himalaya Mountain Climbing Record

The Flamingo and its Queer Nest

Asphyxiation in Ship Holds

Jesuits in Science

The Mysterious Statues of Easter Island

By the English Correspondent of Scientific American

Methods of Measuring Velocities of Projectiles and Pressures in Cannon

By Ormond M. Lissak

Manganese in Manganese-Bronze

Internal Strains in Iron and Steel

By Henry D. Hibbard

The use of Fulminate of Gold in Electroplating

Work of the Reclamation Service

Some Fundamental Characteristics of Mercury Vapor Apparatus


By Percy H. Thomas

The Atkins Dry Process of Generating Acetylene Gas

By the English Correspondent of Scientific American

The 50-Horse-Power Four-Cylinder Crossley Vertical Oil Engine with New System of Governing

Combustion Chambers in Locomotive Boilers

Digest of the Regulations and Instructions concerning the Denaturation of Alcohol

Denaturing Bonded Warehouses

Engineering Notes

Electrical Notes

Trade Notes and formulæ


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