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The Engineer as a Citizen

The Mastless Steamer “Teucer” for Freight-Carrying Traffic

By the English Correspondent of Scientific American

The Advent of Single-Phase Electric Traction

By C. F. Jenkin

The Cowper-Coles Centrifugal Direct Process for Electrically Depositing Copper

By the English Correspondent of Scientific American

Recent Advances in the Electro-Metallurgy of Iron and Steel

By R. S. Hutton

Seeing Electrically

Shop Photography

By H. P. Fairchild

The Production of Hard Gold Deposits for Buffed Work

Beveling Angle Bars

By Emile Guarini

How Platinum is Extracted in Russia

A Combined Adhesion and Rack Locomotive

The Growth of the Cement industry

Burmese Lacquer Ware and Burmese Varnish

Cleaning Waste and Wiping Cloths

Sources of Industrial Alcohol

By H. W. Wiley

Diseases Caused by Insects

Silver-Plating Silver

Formulæ for Combinations of Lenses

Coal-Mine Explosions: Causes, Prevention, and Methods of Rescue

Experiments with a Winged Flying Machine

By Richard Schelies

The Work of the Weather Bureau and its Relation to Transportation

By Edward H. Bowie

Electrical Notes

Engineering Notes

Japan's Mercantile Marine

Science Notes


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    November 17, 1906