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The President at Panama

Feed-Water Purification

By R. T. Strohm

Alcohol Illumination

By P. Wittelshofer

Objections to High Crane Speeds

An Automatic Carbonic Acid Gas Starter for Automobile Motors

By the Paris Correspondent of Scientific American

The Prevention of Engine Wrecks from Cylinder Water

The Manufacture of Sulphuric Acid by the Contact Process

The Newman Variable Speed Gear

By Emile Guarini

Air in Relation to the Surface-Condensation of Low-Pressure Steam: An Experimental Study of Condenser Problems

Effect of Variation of Rate of Flow of Cooling Water.

By James Alex. Smith

The Carriers of Plague

“Pulex Cheopis”

How Seeds are Carried.—III

III. Seeds Carried by Animals and Birds

By Craig S. Thoms


By Camille Flammarion

World Weather

By John Eliot

The Leavening Materials Employed in Bread-Making

Steam Traps

By W. H. Wakeman

Electrical Notes

Engineering Notes

Data on Fuses

Science Notes


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