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The Rudolf Virchow Hospital

By William Mayner

The Preservation of Eggs

By O. Schuette

The Installation and Adjustment of a 100-Mile Wireless Telegraph Set.—III

By A. Frederick Collins

An Historical Account of the Eolipile; An Ancient Steam Generator

By S. J. Berard

Philippine Forests

The Chatter of the Tool

Gear-Cutting Machines

A Novel Engineering Achievement—Burying a River to a Depth of 120 Feet

By the English Correspondent of Scientific American

Early Vicissitudes of Engineering

By W. H. Dugdale

Practical Hints for Concrete Constructors

New Incandescent Electric Lamps.—III

Comparative Efficiency of the Different Systems of Illumination

Progress in Airships. Forms of Gas Bags

By Carl E. Myers

Roman Foundations—The Walls at Richborough, Kent, England

Protecting Pipes from Freezing

Significance of the Spiral Nebulæ. A Criticism of the Theory that they are the Beginnings of Stars

By T. J. J. See

The Tactical Qualities of the “Dreadnought” Type of Battleship

By W. S. Sims

Engineering Notes


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    February 09, 1907

    The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism