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Manufacture of Water-Gas at the Forty-Fourth Street Station, New York.—II

The Technology and uses of Peat

Manufacturing Peat Fuel

By C. W. Parmelee

Corn-Harvesting Machinery

The Corn Shocker

By C. J. C. Zintheo

Annual Report of the Secretary of Agriculture, 1906

Swindling Alchemists of Bygone Days

By Stephan Kekule Von Stradonwitz

What Demands are We to make on a Serviceable Preserve Glass?

Transplantation in Surgery

By Garr*amp*eacute;

Advantages and Applications of the Electric Drive

By F. B. Crocker and M. Arendt

Old and New Theories of Lightning Conductors

By Oliver Lodge

The Channel Tunnel

The Distillation and Rectification of Alcohol

A.General Considerations

Electrical Notes

Science Notes

Trade Notes and Formulæ


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