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The Rate of Recession of Niagara Falls


By G. K. Gilbert

The Lentz Reversing Mechanism

The Specific Heat of Superheated Steam

How to Construct a Reversing Commutator for an Induction Coil

By A. Frederick Collins

Pernicious Effects of Alternating Current of High Voltage

By Frederick H. Millener

The Chemial Composition of Tool Steel

Molybdenum as a Substitute for Tungsten in Highspeed Tools

How Coke is Made

An Antarctic Problem

Eutectic Alloys Research

Reasons for Believing in an Ether

By Daniel F. Comstock

Alcohol and Mountain Climbing

By A. Durig

Foundation Problems in New York City

By C. M. Ripley

The Evolution of the Elephant

By J. Percy Moore

Science Notes

Electrical Notes

Engineering Notes


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