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A Railroad University. Altoona and its Methods

By Frederic Blount Warren, in the Engineering Magazine

Artificial Fertilizers: Their Nature and Function.—IV

By A. D. Hall

Experiments for Detecting Food Adulterants

By Gilbert H. Trafton

Galera, a Lost City of the Campagna

False Back Repetition Casting

Practical Testing of Rubber

Wireless Signaling System for Railroads

World's Marconi Stations

The Utilization of Waste India Rubber

By Walter F. Reid

Bacteria in Cheesemaking

By Herbert W. Conn

Greek Eyesight

By Charles W. Super

The Dry Distillation of Beech Wood

The Amateur's Foundry

By Walter J. May

Experimental Researches on the Origin of Species in the Vegetable Kingdom

By F. P*amp*eacute;choutre

Stereoscopic Pictures of the Heavens

A Variable Star

By Max Wolf

Resources of Mexico

By N. H. Darton

The use of the Gyroscope in the Balancing and Steering of Aeroplanes

By Robert H. Goddard

Electrical Notes

Canal Rays or Rays of Positive Electricity

Trade Notes and Formulæ

Engineering Notes

Science Notes

The Scientific American Supplement.Index for Vol.63


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    June 29, 1907