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Gypsum Plaster and Gypsum Products as Building Materials

By Marco Pedrotti

Lead in Ice Cream

The Psycho-Physical Aspect of Climate

Why Englishmen Talk about the Weather

Effect of Duration of Stress on Strength and Stiffness of Wood

Three Large Mallet Compound Locomotives

A Description of the Biggest Engines Ever Built for a Railway

The Art of Galvanizing.—I

By Alfred Sang

Tunnel Ventilation

The Recovery of Tin from Tin-Plate

The Cause of Soft-Shelled Eggs

Spontaneous Ignition of Coal

Novel uses of Peat

An Aeronautical Observatory

The Elaborate Equipment of a Model Institution.

By Alfred Gradenwitz

The Standardized Staircase

The Theory of the Gyroscope

An Explanation of its Phenomena

Spectroscopic Phenomena in Stars

The Stellar Evidence of Chemical Affinity and the Question of Stellar Motions.

Transmutation of Matter

Venomous Insects

The Dangerous Weapons of some Curious Creatures

By Rene Bache

An Improved Liquid Compass

The Artificial Dispersion of Fog

The Solution of a Municipal Engineering Problem

By M. M. Dibos

Meteorological Phenomena on Mountain Summits

By S. P. Fergusson

The Column of Trajan

By Commendatore Boni

Electrical Notes

Trade Notes and Formulæ


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    July 13, 1907

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