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Excavations in Crete

The Wonderful Town of Knossos.

Some Facts about Dynamite

The Chemistry of a Powerful Explosive

A Novelty in Floating Cranes

An Improvement on the Shear Leg Design

By F. C. Coleman

A Self-Propelling Searchlight

An Exceptional Type of Motor Vehicle

By L. Ramakers

How to Construct a Simple Wireless Telephone

An Application of Electro-Magnetic Induction

By A. Frederick Collins

Autogenous Welding of Metals

Applications of the Oxy-Hydrogen and Oxy-Acetylene Flames

By Ernest Schneider

A New Analysis of Bread and Wheat

Rejuvenation of Worn-Out Files

The Saint-Michel Station of the Paris Metropolitan

Building a Tube Under-the Seine

Preparation of a Moth-Exterminating Powder

The Art of Galvanizing.—II

By Alfred Sang

Gun Distribution aboard Modern Battleships

Its Influence on Naval Tactics

A New Method of Preparing Anhydrous Protoxide of Lithium

The Color Sense of the Ancients

By Charles William Super

Value of Swallows as Insect Destroyers

Some Facts About Useful Birds

By H. W. Henshaw

Electrical Notes

Science Notes

Trade Notes and Formulæ


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    July 20, 1907