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The Gyroscope

An Explanation without Mathematics

By C. M. Broomall

The Prospects for Large Marine Gas Engines

Reclaiming Silver from Photographic Solutions

By Randolph Bolling

The First German Submarine

A Description of an Interesting craft. By our Berlin Correspondent

Three New Electrical Devices

Improvements in Insulators

Wireless Telegraphy

Some of its Practical and Commercial Aspects

By William Maver

Food Value of Corn and Corn Products

A Dietetic Account of an Important Cereal

The Completion of Carl Hagenbeck's Novel Zoological Park

By Harold J. Shepstone

Industrial uses of Caseine

The Future of a Strange Substance

By D. Sidersky

The Aeroplane

The Laws Underlying its Phenomena

The Marine Steam Turbine

A Record of Experiences

The Sources of Honey

The Physiological Functions of the Nectary

By Gaston Bonnier

A Remarkable Arithmetician

By Alfred Gradenwitz

The Seed, a Chapter in Evolution

A Resume of Recent Knowledge

By F. W. Oliver

St. Swithin's Day

Origin of the Legend

By J. H. Morrison

Trade Notes and Formulæ

Electrical Notes

Engineering Notes


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