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Converting House Refuse into Fertilizers

Maguay Fiber

A Plant with Industrial Possibilities

By Charles Richards Dodge

Anthropological Curiosities

The Pygmies of the World

By Arthur H. J. Keane

A Torpedo Guided by Electric Waves

A Naval Possibility

Electrical Exports

The Properties of Electrons

The Interpole Motor

Wireless Telegraph Apparatus for the Lecture Room

How it should be Constructed

By Augustus B. Tripp

Unsolved Problems in the Design and Propulsion of Ships

Loading, Watertight Compartments, and Stability

By Francis Elgar

Balloons and Lightning

Danger for the Aeronaut up in the Storm Clouds

Lieut. Shackleton's Expedition to the Antarctic and its Equipment

The Modern Method of Collecting Turpentine

The Seed, a Chapter in Evolution.—II

A Resume of Recent Knowledge

By F. W. Oliver

Imports of United States, by Principal Sources, 1907

Audibility of the Aurora

By W. F. King

Estimating Heights and Distances

Some Rough and Ready Methods

By James Asher

Clocks—Ancient and Modern

An Historical Review of Horology

By W. S. Eichelberger

Trade Notes and Formulæ

Engineering Notes

Science Notes


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