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The Whale in the American Museum of Natural History

A Life-Like Model of the Largest Living Mammal

Heart Weights of Various Animals

The Relative Size of the Heart is a Measure of Metabolic Activity

By Rabes

The Connection between Physical and Psychical Conditions

An Experimental Investigation

By O. Mueller

The Air of the New York Subway

An Important Problem in Ventilation

The Rise and Tendencies of German Transatlantic Enterprise

A Record of Progress

By Ernst Von Halle

The Progress of the Submarine Boat

A Critique of Recent Experiments

The Aeroplane Experiments of M. Louis Bleriot

A Resume of What has Been Accomplished to Date in France with Aeroplanes of Various Types, Including that Invented by Prof.Langley

By Ferber

The Development of Armored War Vessels.—III

Armor Plating in the United States

By J. H. Morrison

Germicidal Effect of Sunlight

Sensitiveness 0f Bacteria to Light

By Richard Wiesner

Some Ancient Methods of Lifting Stones and Timber

The Mechanical Contrivances of old

By Clement E. Stretton

Robert Fulton and the Centenary of Steam Navigation

From an english Point of view

The Disintegration of Atoms

Is Matter Really Transmutable

Coal in Pennsylvania in 1906

Electrical Notes

Engineering Notes

Trade Notes and Formulæ


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