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The Modern American Blast Furnace

The practical aspect of smelting

By Bradley Stoughton

Original Research

Its value to Applied Science

A Home-Made Slide-Wire Electrical Bridge

Built at Small Cost

By Henry C. Ter Meer

The Development of Armored War Vessels.—VIII

Armor Plating in the United States

By J.H. Morrison

Recovery of Copper from Scrap

The Manufacture of Slack Barrels

An Industry Dependent on our Timber Supply

The Mining of Monazite

A Thorium-Yielding Mineral

By Douglas B. Sterrett

A Pupin Cable in Deep Water

By L. Ramakers

Aluminium Coils

By Felix Singer

The Left Hemisphere of the Brain

Its Inflence on the use of the Arms and Hands

By H. Liepmann

Photographing Captive Starfishes

Interesting Notes from a Pacific Station

By Charles F. Holder

The Discus Thrower of Castel Porziano

The Probable Appearance of a famous Statue

Excavations of M. De Sarzec in Chaldæa

The Uncovering of Anancient Granary

The Viscosity of Mixtures of Oil and Water

Kinds of Coal Produced in the United States

The Colzi Sun Prism

A Device for Controlling Light Intensity

By Alfred Gradenwitz

The Breathing of Plants

The Necessity of Respiration to all Life

By C. Stuart Gager

Trade Notes and Formulæ

Engineering Notes

Science Notes


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