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An Egyptian Lourdes

The Discovery of the Lost City of Saint Menas

By E. Alexander Powell

The African Ostrich Industry

A Profitable South African Monopoly

Use of Dead Timber in the National Forests

By E. R. Hodson

Fishes that Hatch their Eggs in their Mouths

By J. Pellegrin

The Pineal Eye the Pineal Gland, and the Pituitary Body

The Temperature of the Sun

Experiments on Mont Blanc

By A. Millochau

How Observations of Mars are Made at Flagstaff

By G. R. Agassiz

The Battery Tunnel, New York

The Training of Railroad Apprentices

Santos Dumont's New Hydroplane

A Craft Built to Mare Sixty Miles an Hour

A New Type of Collier

For the Coasting Trade

How Rainfall is Absorbed

The Development of Armored War Vessels.—IX

Armor Plating in the United States

By J. H. Morrison

Brass Waste in Machine Shop and Foundry

By Walter J. May

Elements of Electrical Engineering.—III

The Arc-Light Dynamo

By A. E. Watson

The Economical Utilization of Labor

Considerations Governing Efficiency

By Henry L. Gantt

Coal Mined by Machines

The Origin of Radium

The Search for the Parent Element

By Bertram B. Boltwood

Engineering Notes

Trade Notes and Formulæ

Electrical Notes


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