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The Great Government Pier at the Jamestown Exposition

By E. Dabney Tunis

Qualities and Methods of using Cement

By S. B. Newberry

The Development of Armored War Vessels.—XI

Armor Plating in the United States

By J. H. Morrison

Elements of Electrical Engineering.—IV

Arc Lamps

By A. E. Watson

Cathode Rays and the Aurora

By C. Chree

Eddy Current Brake for Rating Gasoline Motors

The English Correspondent Of The Scientific American

Calcium, its Properties and Possibilities

Record Flight of the Farman Aeroplane

The Best European Performance

Electric Metal-Testing Pyrometer

A Novel Laboratory Appliance

By William H. Bristol

Steam versus Electric Locomotives

The Steam Locomotive Capable of Still Greater Efficiency

Use of Gas from a Hygienic Standpoint

What Gas Means in a Building

By Vivian B. Lewes

Pre-Roman Discoveries in Spain

The Paris Correspondent of the Scientific American

The Manometric Apparatus of Fishes

Nature's Mechanical Adaptation

By Otto Thilo

Unusual Agents of Pollination

Some Curious Devices of Nature

By G. Clarke Nuttal

The Study of Flame

By A. Smithells

Science Notes

Engineering Notes


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