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The Deposites of the United States

By Douglas B. Sterrett

The World's Greatest Weather Bureau

Water in Granite

Photographic Sensitiveness

How Plates are Tested

By Alfred Gradenwitz

Gas Engine Valves

By E. F. Blair

Concentrating Ore by Oil

A Description of the Elmore Process. By the English Correspondent of the Scientific American

Infusorial Earth Waste

The Development of Armored War Vessel.—XIV

Armor Plating in the United States

By J. H. Morrison

Apparatus for Dip-Needle Demonstration

By Willard R. Pyle

Building a Transatlantic Liner

The “Kronprinzessn ceclie” By the Berlin Correspondent of the Scientific American.

Various Methods of Recovering Rubber from Waste

Verde-Antique Finish

Its Rapid Production and Method of Obtaining the Various Shades

Increasing the Boiler Capacity

How a Plant Should be Inspected

By George P. Pearce

The Audion.—I

A new recever for wireless telegraphy

By Lee De Forest

The Eucalypts of Australia.—I

Recent Work on the Eucalypts

By Henry G. Smith

Birds that Kill Snakes

By W. G. Fitzgerald

Engineering Notes

Science Notes


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