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An Articulated Breakdown Crane

An Extended Wheelbase for Heavy Machinery. The English Correspondent of the Scientific American

Panama a Half-Century Ago

Extracts from a Forty-Niner's Diary

By Marcus Benjamin

Nottingham Lace making

Hydraulic Riveting in the “Mauretania”

How four Million Rivets were driven in the Big Steamship

By E.W. De Rusett

The Micrometer Microscope

Scientific Waterproofing

New Light on an old Subject

Elements of Electrical Engineering—VII

Principles of Direct-Current Motors

By A.E. Watson

German Accumulator Cars

A Solution of the Suburban Traffic Problem

By Alfred Gradenwitz

The Denatured Alcohol Situation

Manufacture of Nitric Acid from Air

The Thomas and Barry Process

The Story of Wheat

Through Mill to Market

By Cornelia Kennedy

Canned Meats

Oil Fields of the United States

Cars and Novelties at the Tenth Annual Paris Automobile Show

Limits of Deep-Sea Diving

A Demonstration of the Decomposition of Gravity by the inclined Plane

By Fred D. Barber

Electrical Notes

Engineering Notes

Trade Notes and formulæ


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